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The time is finally here! After almost a full year in production (some of which admittedly due to thumb-twiddling) the WMC magazine is on the home straight. I have the first very swanky looking copy back from the printers and, pending a few small adjustments, it will soon be available for all members to purchase. 

As a commemorative magazine for the club's 70th birthday, we've pulled out all the stops, including:

  • Ten feature articles from club members Tim Larrad, Andy Clarke, Joe Cresswell, Imogen Campion (who will now have to join the WMC!), Dave Wilkinson, Carol Umarova, Kay Armitage, Ged Campion and Guy Oliver

  • Fourty eight full colour, high quality pages

  • Gallery, obituary and puzzle pages


This magazine should cost a lot more, but between bulk order discounts and a generous subsidy by the committee we have managed to get each copy down to only £5. 

Note: This price/subsidy applies only to the first printing run. If you don't make the order in time, the cost per copy will go up significantly. 

If you want to avoid paying over the odds, please complete the following order form before the Friday 15th January. Members will not have to pay beforehand to reserve your copy, but please leave valid contact details. If you need to order more copies, just fill out the form again with the number of additional copies you require.


Payment will be expected before posting/collection is arranged, more details to come. Please specify which method you prefer in the form below. Delivery dates will be announced once we've placed the order as shipping times vary quite considerably, but expect your copy/copies towards the end of January or early February, as long as you're paid up! 


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