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Joining the club

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Joe leading one of the many routes on Little Tryfan

Joe leading one of the many routes on Little Tryfan, one of the best crags for learning to climb in Wales

Joe Creswell joined our club last year, and has recently wrote on his blog about his experience of joining the club. With his kind permission I’ve posted part of his blog below.

I walked into The Great Western pub in Wolverhampton and asked at the bar for the Mountaineering Club and was directed to a table of older gentlemen with a glass of whisky and a bag of ready salted crisps between them (my first thought was these are not hard-core climbers, but how wrong I was). I approach the table and asked for the club, I was meet by a man with a wide smile and a long grey beard (Pete) who invited me to the table. He asked me about myself and started informing me about the club, soon I was surrounded by more members entering the room chatting about big plans for the weekend ahead and tales of previous adventures. All I could talk about was a day top roping with Wolf Mountain Climbing centre, but never the less they all involved me in their chats. I suddenly began to fill with inspiration of what I wanted to achieve as they spoke about their expeditions and also a feeling of trepidation as my sudden incompetence compared to these experienced adventures became exposed. But I felt inclined to return the following week after their warm welcome.
Joining Wolverhampton Mountaineering Club has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve found a true passion, meet some of my best friends and also got loads of new tales to tells and skills to go with them.

His post reminds me of my story about joining the club, at first I was quite nervous, until I turned up to the pub and found out what a great bunch of guys and girls made up the club. If you fancy joining, why not meet us on a Tuesday?

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