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Julie’s Marathon effort

Clearly in the midst of a middle age crisis, Julie applied for a place in this years London Marathon – and she got one.  Everyone says how lucky she is to get a much coveted place, Julie says it’s not luck that she is feeling at the moment – more pain!

Getting a ballot place in the London Marathon, means that you don’t have to raise any money for charity if you don’t want to.  Being a longish standing member of the club, Julie decided to use her marathon place to support the club’s fundraising efforts for Mountain Rescue.

As you will know, Mountain Rescue is funded by donation and staffed by volunteers.  They will come out in all weathers to help people who have had accidents, have got lost or even for those who are  just plain stupid.   Unfortunately some members of the club have had to use Mountain Rescue, and because of them, live to tell the tale.  So however you enjoy your time in the mountains and the countryside, please spare some time and money to support Mountain Rescue.

You can support Julie’s fundraising efforts by sponsoring her, either through her “Just Giving” site (, by buying raffle tickets at the club slideshow or just giving her cash!

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