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Pete’s New Year Camping trip

Sunrise over Tryfan and Bristly Ridge

Pete Dutfield and Matt (Pete’s friend and prospective member) celebrated the last night of 2011 camping on the Glyders. After parking the car at Ogwen, a ninety-minute walk took them the two small lakes in the cwm underneath the summit of Y Garn where they pitched their tents and prepared for a long cold night. Pete hoped he might glimpse some of the action reported of the Aurora Borealis being seen this winter at more southerly points, but was unlucky this time. After a comfortable, windless night with two or three degrees of frost in the morning, Pete was presented first thing with a splendid sunrise that he photographed; the view from behind Tryfan and Bristly Ridge.

Camp on Y Garn on New Years day

They broke camp about 9.30 arriving the Hut about 3.00. During the walk they bumped into Andy Truss, Sarah, Pippa and Neil Skipp on the tops who were also staying at the hut so Pete was able to give them his car keys enabling both parties more time on high ground.

The 3 girls admiring the small lake below Moel Siabod

Pete and Matt spent Saturday night at the Hut and on Sunday, with the hut contingent, they walked over Moel Siabod in a cool breeze on the way home.

It was the best weather Pete has had in Wales for years, he felt a bit stiff afterwards but says it was well worth the little discomfort. He tells us there is still life in the old dog yet.

(We know!)

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