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Stan Wintrip - WMC Founder Presentation

Hi Everyone!

As part of the clubs 70th Anniversary celebrations (more to come, promise) we're proud to be finally uploading a presentation by Stan Wintrip, one of the WMC's founders. Originally recorded back in 2013 at Wolf Mountain, the presentation covers some of the earliest history of our club, including a £10 per year lease on the original club hut in Mid-Wales.

It's hopefully not long until we can get back to using our current hut to its fullest potential, but don't miss the opportunity to pause and look back on where the club has come from.

The video will be premiering on Youtube 19:30 on Tuesday 18th May, so anyone watching at this time will have the opportunity to comment as the presentation unfolds. The video will be available afterwards for all who missed it. Just click the link below!

Finally - thanks to Pete Dutfield for supplying the recording.

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It was lovely to hear Stan speak again!

The birth of WMC and being "geared up" meaning ONE of the p[arty had ONE karabiner. And the cow falling through the kitchen roof of our first club hut😃


Jon Macmillan
Jon Macmillan

Well done Pete and Tom, I love a bit of history especially climbing history. Cheers Jon

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