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Charging an EV when visiting our hut

Zap-map, Plugshare & A Better Route Planner all show a different set of chargers so it is definitely worth checking multiple apps.

Below are chargers we have used or have positively confirmed as working recently.

While staying at the hut:

When out to eat:

  • Gallt-y-Glyn

    • Great pizza.

    • 3 chargers - but small car park and very likely to be "ICE'd".

    • Recommend setting up app before you arrive:

      • Ignore the written instructions on the charger, and that the chargers don't show in the app.

      • Register in the app and add a payment method else it will fail without error if you just follow instructions and scan the qr code.

      • Press the button on the charger (it'll display a QR code) and scan that QR code, not the stickers.

      • Mobile signal may be poor, and Gallt-y-Glyn has free wifi which just reaches to the chargers, so try again if it fails.


  • A55:

    • Energy efficient route!

    • A55 Junction 11 Services

    • Well served by Instavolt at nearly every service station, just expensive.

    • Flint Mountain is the final Tesla stop and open to non-Tesla with 8 stalls. Reliable & cheaper!

  • A5:

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