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1. Introduction

1.1 Keeping your information safe and secure is a very high priority of the Club. The introduction of the new data protection law (GDPR) on 25 May 2018 has been taken into account throughout the following information.

1.2 These changes in the law do not alter what the Club uses your personal information for, but the new regulations make it easier for you to find out how the Club uses and protects your information. Becoming a member of this Club is a contract and you must expect the collection and processing of your personal data in order for the club to:

(a) Identify and communicate with you, and

(b) Process the affiliation fee with the British Mountaineering Council (BMC).

1.3 Paying your membership subscription annually is deemed to be renewal and acceptance of this contractual processing.

2. Data used by the Club

2.1 Membership Records

(a) Details of the applicant that are captured are name, address, phone number(s), email address and a record of club meets attended. These details are held securely by the committee.

(b) Upon registration as a prospective member or on admittance to the Club the following details are shared:

  1. The applicant’s name, address, email address and phone number(s) are entered in the BMC membership database for on-going WMC membership administration, paper copies are securely destroyed. The BMC use this information to support BMC club affiliation, their subscription process and delivery of Summit magazine. The BMC’s privacy policy can be viewed here.

  2. The member’s name & email address are entered into the club’s emailing list which is used for necessary contact. Should you prefer to be contacted by post please contact the Committee.

2.2 Membership Contact List

(a) The name, phone number(s), and email address of each consenting member are listed on the club’s contact list, which is circulated to all members via email. It is each member’s responsibility to use this list only for club purposes, take care of it, not share it with any third party without the express permission of the Committee, and securely delete it when no longer needed.

(b) Appearing on the list is optional and members must opt-in to be included on the contact list. Members wishing to have their details updated or removed from the contact list should contact the Committee with their request.

2.3 Website

(a) Your name and email address are used to maintain your website user profile and login where created.

(b) Any published website pages, posts, or comments you author on the website are tagged with your name. None of this data is tracked and only provides a record of who the author was and when.

2.4 Hut & Event Booking

(a) If members book Tal-y-Braich for a private event then their name and the nature of the booking will be shared within the committee. This information will be retained for up to 6 months after the event has concluded.

(b) Members and prospective members who attend an organised Club meet will be expected to give their names to the meet organiser; this information will be retained until the meet has concluded.

(c) At Club dinners, the name and dietary requirements of attending members, prospective members, and any guests will be collected by the meet organiser; any health-related data should be treated as highly confidential; this information will be retained until the meet has concluded.

(d) The name(s) and contact details provided by a visiting club when booking Tal-y-Braich will be retained by the committee for a period of 12 months after the date of the booking.

2.5 Your right to Access and Update your Data

You have the right to see/update all the data the Club manages with respect to your identity. Please contact the Committee to see/update that data. You may also update your website profile yourself where created.

2.6 Your right to be Forgotten

(a) Non-members whose details appear on the website, may request the deletion of their details at any time by contacting the Committee

(b) On termination of membership your details will remain on the club’s database for 2 years, unless you request otherwise to allow time for contacting you for any outstanding matters or payments. After that time all contact details will be deleted from the database

3 Questions

If you have any questions about this policy please contact the Committee


This section is to provide consent to using your photos, video and stories within the use cases defined below:

  • WMC publications, including WMC’s website and social media, and other promotional activity such as displays, posters and exhibitions;

  • Promoting WMC in print (e.g. WMC Magazine) and broadcast media

In providing my consent, or expressing my wish otherwise, I understand that:

  • The photo/film/story being used will be limited to those involving a WMC activity (i.e. climbing or walking) or attending a WMC social event (i.e. Christmas Dinner Meet or Slideshow)

  • I will not be notified before my photo/film/story is used

  • My photo/film/story may be used for an indefinite period of time while the club is still active

  • I can withdraw my consent at any time by contacting the WMC Editor – from that point WMC will not use my photo/film/story in any new materials

  • I can request specific images to be taken down from any ‘live’ source, such as the WMC website, at any time by contacting the WMC Editor – and that images will be removed at earliest convenience, but within seven days.

  • The club will feature no photographs or media of minors (i.e. children attending family meet) without express permission of the parents

  • I can provide consent with specific restrictions where necessary, i.e. the use of agreed pseudonyms instead of real name if necessary.

An email with updated committee members will be shared every January, within which you will find your nominated WMC Editor. Otherwise, please get in contact with the Committee to change your consent details.

If you have not yet provided your consent (or expressed the opposite) please complete the webform <here>

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