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A New Founder Member

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Max Reynolds, the founder member we didn’t know we had!

A little bit of WMC History

Surprise, surprise, we have discovered we have a founder member, still well and truly, alive and kicking.

Max Reynolds.

Max saw the WMC promotion in the Express & Star from 31st May 2021. See link.

He was so impressed with the club that he had joined for a couple of years, back in the early 1950’s.

He found it had become the thriving club that we are now so proud of, and he was moved to write a letter to E & S about his memories. See on the Right

Max said he climbed the chimney on Tryfan, I think he meant the Cannon on the North Ridge of Tryfan.

Pete Dutfield on the Cannon with grandson Jake

Max also crossed the Glyder, explored the Devil’s Kitchen, Crib Goch, and many of our old favourites, as well as learning to climb on Idwal Slabs, all with other founder members of the WMC.

Max was born in 1931, joined the club at its beginning in 1951 then left

the club when he married in 1953.

A point of interest. Max and his wife Sheila were married in the temporary church of Saint Michaels and All Angels, next to The Rock, Tettenhall.

The main Church was completely destroyed by fire in the early 50’s. You can still see the grooves in the The Lych Gate made by the fire engine as it attempted to force its way through to get to the fire.

Max and his new wife Sheila, under an archway of

WMC axes, held by. Colleen & Cyril Park, Chas Shaw

at the rear, and a member whose name is sadly lost.

Sunrise behind Tryfan and Bristly Ridge on the Glyder

Max, now 90, lives alone in a comfortable

house in Codsall

Pete Dutfield January 2022

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2022년 1월 27일

I love that good old fashioned journalism has given the WMC the chance to rekindle fond memories for Max, and give him the opportunity to share some with us! Thanks Pete for taking the time out to chat to him and write this lovely blog😍


John Ridley
John Ridley
2022년 1월 21일

Brilliant. How incredible our history


A lovely addition to the archives - and what a fantastic wedding photo!

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