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A NICE LITTLE URNER – ski touring in the Urner Alps, Switzerland

Why not take a trip to this lesser-known part of the Alps with four ski tourers from the WMC.

Enjoy the thrills and spills of the mountains as our heroes tackle the Urner Alps traverse while trouble brews to the north in the shape of an Icelandic volcano.

They may have survived unguardianed huts, a close brush with the Laussane Mountaineering Club and a desperate dash for their lift home through flower-filled alpine meadows, but what will they do now as global air travel is brought to a halt by a cloud of volcanic ash?

The club has spared no extra cash to bring you a special support feature, ESCAPE FROM THE ASH CLOUD OF HELL, which finally brings this un-told tale to life.

Don’t miss this double biller, which is sure to be a big hit. Reserve your seats now!

A NICE LITTLE URNER starts at 8.30pm on Tuesday, February 28 at the Wheatsheaf Inn, Market Street, Wolverhampton

Update: Unfortunately this was cancelled and has now been re booked for Tuesday 6th March, same time same place

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