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A true WMC Myth

Amazing how FB memories of previous pub walks I’d organised over the years gave inspiration for this post. A tale of a true WMC Myth - It's Lee's Pub Walk.

However, it is not necessarily my pub walk though folks!

The myth known as “it’s Lee’s pub walk” originates from an ancient AGM which took place in a darkened room over a decade ago, when the powers of persuasion and coercion of newbies & newer members was rife! Out of that AGM darkness a faint voice could be heard calling for a volunteer, perhaps a hero was required.

Above: Wrekin 2017

One that could organise a large WMC herd into a pub for a spot of lunch one autumnal Sunday! I recall sitting there in that AGM darkness, happily minding my own business whilst thinking to myself. That sounds like a good id…..


Was cried aloud exciting the WMC herd!

Right: Shugborough 2016

Startled by the WMC herd and in a state of confusion by these ancient AGM rituals I felt compelled to accept such a quest. Time gives birth to tradition! For what was once new may become traditional with the passing of time creating a myth “it’s Lee’s Pub Walk” which will be forever etched into the stone of our WMC meets calendar.

Above: Trimpley River Seven 2019

That was more than a decade ago when I was a lot younger, keener, thinner and lot fitter!

Unlike Frodo organising our annual WMC Pub Walk is not my burden to bear alone, nor am I Gollem who’s particularly precious about these sorts of things

Left: Cannock & Shugborough 2016

The time has arrived for a new volunteer not necessarily a hero though needs to step up and lead the autumnal Sunday 2023 WMC Pub Walk herd!

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