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So that's what a leap year REALLY means!!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

I was planning to have a wander down memory lane and look back at my favourite WMC moments of the year, but as 2020 was a TRUE leap year (ie .... didn't happen!), I'm leaping back to 2019 for a "snapshot" of some fave moments.

There was some "hot rocking" on Welsh slate in Feb, while staying at Tal y Braich and celebrating Dean's 30th birthday with his first abseil, sea-cliff and first multi-pitch route

A spot of "adventurneering" in Pembroke in April.............. there's a story to go with this so maybe sometime in the pub or the hut, Al, Jane, Guy or myself might divulge more!

Then back to North Wales for a bit of sea cliff traverse "training" for a project planned for July...........

And who can resist the fun of a family meet in May getting to grips with topping out on your first climb on rock or checking out zjee zjee's funky jewellery / glasses , or whatever they might be?

Back to Pembroke again (anyone spotting a sea-cliff addiction????!)

Then fossil hunting - ammonites in Swanage in July before heading direct to Wales for "the project" - tne "training" is over, the deadline has arrived......

View from 4th pitch of "Dream of White Horses"

But the WMC fun keeps coming..... sunbathing on a Devon slab in Aug

And "sailing" on the Bude canal - no icebergs needed for this disaster! (not to mention the wakeboarding but no shots of that!)

Then exploring locally with Lee in Oct

Before walking off our sumptuous annual dinner in the Lakes in Nov.

So of nearly 100 WMC members, that's only a quick snapshot of what one year can be for just one of us!

Leaping to 2021 - hopefully Devon for Easter....see you all there :)

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