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An afternoon of farts & ferrata!

Schleching Bavaria Alps meet:

Kletterstieg – Hausbachfall

Photos Credit: Caz

As I remember my initial response went: is it hard? What grade is it?

When Tom asked you climbing the via ferrata tomorrow Lee, don’t worry mate not too hard. Goes at grade 3C?

3C still don’t fully understand what it meant! Strenuous maybe…

Having been relieved of 20 Euros for the necessary hiring of the via ferrata kit, we were herded together again for the obliquity WMC group photo! Many passers-by were accosted in the process of taking the obliquity WMC group photo during our two week stay!

Stood at the bottom of that ladder assessing the strenuous & difficult nature of the via ferrata that lay ahead I can remember thinking dam, that looks well hard! I can also recall the other thought I was having at the time?

This may well involve the passing of wind!!

Quickly replacing my sling cows tail to the daisy chain I purchased some years earlier following a different mini via ferrata epic, I was feeling a little reassured.

Sat in my harness , daisy chain doing it’s thing I was safely attached to the cable and had won the initial strenuous via ferrata fight. Round 1 to me!!

As we rounded a corner, there just a few meters in front of me I was pleased to see a prominent plank, a potential pit stop I pondered. A couple of pirate jokes later followed by another short strenuous section we arrived at the wire bridge of death.

A tiptoeing, teetering, traverse along two cables, no Tom foolery here I thought to myself. apparently Tom & Guy were thinking different to me!

Safely across the bridge I felt the need to address our younger members as the responsible adult in the group, there was to be no more Tom foolery!!

Having been told to do one!

The olden in the group was pleased to hear one more strenuous section to fight before crossing the pole bridge at the finish line.

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