BMC 2011 Climbing Restrictions Poster

The 2011 climbing restrictions poster is now available to download

The UK is internationally important for a number of bird species, which are often vulnerable during the nesting period. The BMC works in partnership with conservation bodies to ensure any restrictions agreed are as minimal in extent and duration as possible, whilst still allowing birds to nest successfully. In many cases restrictions are lifted as soon as the chicks fledge the nest.

The BMC asks all climbers to check restrictions for the areas in which they climb. Climbers have an excellent record of respecting bird nesting restrictions and continued goodwill is important to develop and maintain good relations with landowners and conservation bodies. The 2011 poster should be appearing at walls, shops and cafes over the next few weeks, but a downloadable version is available here.

The BMC’s Regional Access Database (RAD) should be the every climber’s first stop for up-to-date access information. The RAD is a searchable database of all the crags in England and Wales with special access and conservation considerations, including all the agreed nesting restrictions. Check the RAD here.

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