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BMC Hills To Oceans Campaign

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

As we’re all slowly finding our feet outdoors again, fledgling climbing parties starting to gently test the socially-distanced ropes, we thought we’d give you another (safer?) option to get outside instead of hanging out at the crag holding your partner’s nuts between your teeth – that really does put the plus in ‘one meter plus’…

Dave Holland, our WMC Liason Officer, attended the last BMC area meeting where the BMC’s Hills 2 Oceans campaign (H20 – get it?) was justifiably promoted. Since 2019 over 400 litter pickers, 2000 bin bags, over 50 clean up events have been organised – that’s a lot of trash!

Back for 2020, H20 is calling on everyone to get involved in a litter pick to help remove as much litter and plastic from our hills, mountains and crags as possible so it doesn’t end up in our oceans. If that honest plea, here’s some facts that might show you just how much rubbish can end up in our oceans if we’re not careful:

  1. Everyday about eight million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans

  2. Approximately 6.3bn tonnes of plastic waste is generated in the UK each year and out of this around 9% has been recycled, 12% incinerated & 79% is in landfills or the natural environment

  3. Approximately 480bn bottles were sold globally in 2016 (approximately 1 million bottles per minute) and only 7% of these were recycled

  4. A tissue takes around six weeks to break down, a Cigarette butt takes up to 10 years and an aluminium Can takes about 200 years

If you’re interested, you can take a look at the H20 section on the BMC website here, find an already organised event, or arrange your own. Please do let us know what you’re planning though, either on here or on our facebook page, so that others can get involved and we can make a bigger impact, together.

P.S. We now have a pair of Pickers and sacksfrom the BMC, cleaned (COVID-19) and ready for you to visit your local favorite crag or walk. Please contact any ‘committee member’ who can arrange for them to be passed on or posted to you.

many thanks, Dave(H)

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