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Dinner Meet 2019

Massive thanks to Jo Sugden for organising a cracking dinner meet in the picturesque Coniston Valley, South Lakes.

Every year the club meet as one – old and fresh faces alike – to get suited and booted (if only to remind ourselves we don’t scrub up too badly!) and tuck into a Christmas dinner together. Coupled with plenty of beer, an award ceremony and a touching recounting of the club exploits of a recently departed member, notoriously known as ‘Smiler’ and it was a real warm and fuzzy welcoming of another festive period.

The naughty table at the back – causing a ruckus

The cozyness of the pub and both Barrow and Yorkshire mountaineering clubs combined huts (yep, we all turned out for grub) was met head on by Baltic conditions on the Saturday, with powerful gales tearing past teams walking and scrambling in the area and coating the mountain tops in rime ice. Sunday, after its namesake, brought the sun – and with it most members opted for a walk up the Old Man of Coniston.

Three of the team headed deep into the local mine systems in search of blue rocks.

Thinking about going for a gentle stroll up the Old Man of Coniston? Turn it into an extreme adventure by using trekking poles!

Jo (front) grimaces through John’s recounting of sleeping on a bench, in the cold, on Friday night.

The WMC dinner meet happens late November/early December every year, is held at various locations around the Peak District, Lake District and Wales and is one of the most anticipated meets on the calendar. Want to hear more? Find us on Facebook (here) and get in touch today!

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