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High Cuisine

A Gastronomic Tour of the Écrins

The Écrins, or Dauphiné, are the wild and unspoilt southern French Alps. They offer big alpine routes on remote mountains and valley cragging in beautiful settings. But never mind all that – what we go for is the food and wine. So reserve a table Chez André for a mouth-watering journey around this spectacular region.

On the menu from 8.30 pm Tuesday 24th January in the Wheatsheaf Restaurant…

Hors D’Oeuvre

Ailefroide 2001: A nostalgic look back at the first WMC Alpine meet of the ‘modern era.’ Can you recognise these fresh-faced versions of the now grizzled, injury-scarred and weather-beaten elders? Featuring ascents of the classic Barre des Écrins, Montagne des Agneaux and L’Ailefroide.


La Bérarde 2003: More nostalgia: probably the only club alpine meet where the phrase ‘grand beaux temps’ actually appeared in the metéo. Bask in the sunlight on more classic peaks: Le Rateau, La Meije and the Aiguille Dibona.

Plat Principal

Join an elite group of WMC gourmets as they eat their way up and down the sport climbing paradise of the Durance Valley. Discover the secrets of gastro-escalade and meet the real Naked Chef. To work up an appetite we visit the crags of Les Ayes, Rocher Baron and Le Ponteil.


Andy and Dale gibber their way up the mighty limestone face of Montbrison (before being overcome by the fear and running away).

Your wine waiter for the evening: Andy Clarke.

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