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New Year, New Committee !

Following some post AGM 'tuning' to try and maximise the opportunity ahead of us in 2023, your new committee is in place, with no vacancies ! Who are you we hear you cry ? Well, from a Committee perspective, there are some familiar faces, some familiar faces with 'different hats', some new faces (including one relatively new to the club, which will help ensure we have a broad mix of perspectives 'at the table' ;-)), plus, an 'evolved' (and still evolving) role ! However, regardless of which 'box/es we tick', we are your Committee and it's your club ! Suggestions and/or questions ? Let us know. We don't have all the answers (or even all the questions !). We need your inputs and are excited about the year ahead, and what we can achieve together ! Chairman: Richard Amor-Wilkes

Secretary: Janet Price Assistant Secretary: Carol Umarova

Treasurer: Mike Hill

New Members' Secretary: Lee Cartwright

Outdoor Meets Secretary: Kay Armitage

Indoor Meets Secretary: Cath Gutteridge

Hut Warden: Richard Sealey

Hut Booking Secretary: Mike Gutteridge

Communications Officer (The Post Formerly Known As Editor): Neil Loydon

Liaison Officer: Robert Stewart

Web Master: Tom Hartland

Equipment Officer: Dave Wilkinson

Accounts Inspector : Sandra Garrington (non-committee post) Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

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