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Pembroke, Range West Briefings 2010

Its getting to that time of the year when the MOD all access to the western part of the Castlemartin firing range in Pembroke. As the area is a live firing range it is full of nasties such as unexploded bombs. Climbing is still restricted by and anyone wishing to climb within the range must attend one of the briefings held at the Castlemartin camp.

In previous years a briefed climber could take an unbriefed climber onto the range but as of last year this is no longer the case and all climbers must attend one of the briefings which start at 9am and are to be held on:

  1. Saturday 29 May

  2. Saturday 19 June – Cancelled, re-arranged for 3rd July

  3. Saturday 31 July

Please note the range is closed for the whole month of June. The MoD have exercises operating 7 days a week. The range is due to reopen on the 3rd July.

More information can be found on the BMC website here.

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