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Roses, Battles and Mountains

For your entertainment, Wolverhampton Mountaineering Club brings you the opening slide show of their 2012 programme: Roses, Battles and Mountains presented by Dave Wilkinson.

Accounts of two expeditions to unclimbed 7000 metre peaks in the Eastern Karakoram; Location: Northern Ladhak, the northern-most bit of India.

  1. See the world’s only venue for high-altitude mountaineering in a war zone

  2. The world’s biggest glacier outside the polar regions

  3. An approach journey involving the crossing of six high passes

  4. A region so sparsely populated, it was hard to find anyone to employ as porters

  5. When is a yurt not a yurt?

  6. What has the Dam-busters got to do with this remote asiatic region?

  7. Why is the region’s biggest river called the “River of Death”?

  8. See a hill speckled with bird-poo;

  9. And an elephant on top of a high mountain.

For all these exotic sights, and many more, come along to the Wheatsheaf, 8.30 pm, Tuesday Jan 10th.

Note: We will be continuing with the raffles in aid of Mountain Rescue at each of the slide shows, if anyone can help by donating a prize it would be much appreciated.

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