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Skiing the High Peak Bike Trail

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

More snow on the car park that we expected, we almost got the car stuck!

More snow on the car park that we expected, we almost got the car stuck!

I think it was Garry who lit the spark as we were sitting in our living room contemplating the local weather conditions. I have always had an inkling to go for a bike ride along the now famous Derbyshire Peak Trails but maybe there would be enough snow to ski them. A quick text to Guy, “Tempting but I am going for a meal Saturday evening.” “What if we get you home for six?” “That’s ok.” “Right pick you up at seven am.”

So there we were, driving up to the peak District next morning in the rain with not a sign of snow anywhere, temperature +3 degrees! Someone suggested a wet walk and the rest of the day in the pub, but wait, was that a bit of sleet in the rain? We were only twenty minutes away now but there is a bit of snow on the hills. As we climbed higher the signs of snow got better until eventually we pulled on the car park at Parsley Hay into six inches of snow and the sun beginning to show through the clouds.

An hour later, after a couple of brews and a quick breakfast, we were skiing north into a cold breeze towards Buxton. The day improved and, with the sun on our backs, we felt quite cosy. I think at least one of the others took a layer off!

I would like it on record that we initially skied past the pub, The Royal Oak, but we did find a field to practice a bit of downhill technique! Unfortunately, the lure of the pub overcame us and lunchtime found us scoffing the local delicacies and sampling the local ale.

In true WMC tradition we spent almost as much time in the pub as we did on ski, before eventually arriving back at the car around 3pm. After having a last brew we drove home.

Below are a few pictures from our day. Click on them to view a slideshow and to view the captions.

Thanks to Guy and Gaz for some of the photo’s. I hope you enjoyed this little read and the photographs. Anyone who is interested might like to download my book “Pete’s Himalayan Adventure”. It costs £3.50 and all proceeds go to The Mountain Rescue Association via the WMC funds.

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