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The Good! The Bad! & Valkyrie!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Worcestershire: Malvern Hills

It was during my mid-week birthday walk across the top of the Malvern Hills which was a mild winter’s day with just a smidgen of heat from a distant weak sun when I thought there’s a glimmer of hope here! Referring to a previous conversation only day’s before when an enthusiastic Neil asked “climbing the weekend”. No way man! it’s far too cold for that silliness was my initial response!

Peak District: Roaches Spring 2023

However, thinking about climbing outdoors for the first time this year I realised the Roaches in the Peak District would have a very similar feel?

Fortunately the mild weather persisted over the next few weeks giving us a chance to take some of our prospective members or newbies climbing.

Newbies experience: The Spooky-ness of the Spooky Step

Perched Block Arete: VDiff:

where spooky moves left into a chimney become imperative?

Don’t like it! Not doing it! Come on! But I can do it!

Were conversations being had by our newbies, out loud with themselves! Having had similar conversations with myself numerous times I giggled quietly while empathising.

Having led and now stood on top of that perched block, looking down & across into the chimney does indeed send shivers down one’s spine when your new to climbing that is!

Some bouldering to relax afterwards

Great first day out on the rock with some of our lovely newbies however, some of the WMC big guns were assembling for the following weekend.

Valkyrie: VS 4c. a wandering climb of great quality – perhaps the archetypical grit classic

As with all great leaders, Rich our WMC chairman led by example breezing up Valkyrie. With what seems at times a slightly perplexed Chris.

The valiant attempt on Valkyrie continues

A few grades down from the valiant Valkyrie a great day was had climbing with Will who was experiencing his first ever trad climb making a fine second indeed, which was a privilege to be involved in.

Flake Chimney: Diff & Prow Cracks: VDiff

Until next time keep smiling while climbing

WMC New Members Sec

Lee Cartwright

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