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Welsh 3000’s

Look where we have come from!

Looking back from Pen-Y-Ole-Wen

Well last weekend (14th June) was the annual outing to see how much pain we can inflict on ourselves, yes it was the Welsh 3000’s challange. Most of us spent a cold night on Snowdon before leaving the summit around 4am, across Crib Coch we trod before heading down the North ridge to Cwm Uchaf and down to the road and on to Nant Peris.

After a quick break off we set again, all in our own little groups, plodding up the hardest ascent, Elidir Fawr then on to Y Garn before loosing 780ft to immediately climb back up 950ft onto the Glyders. Personally I become exhausted on the way up the south ridge of Tryfan and the decent is the most painful. I was all ready to quit but Phil’s magic cup of tea gave me the energy to continue. Up Pen Y Ole Wen we went then on to the Carneddau, Yr Elen, Foel Grach, Garnedd Uchaf finally finishing on Foel-Fras. Everyone did well this year and it was quite a large number that completed it compared to the previous two years. I did it in quite a good time but I was lucky. I just missed the cloud that covered the Carneddau, hindering all who were still up there. Personally I think Mick was brilliant, he kept on going when I know i would have thrown in the towel.

For those who wish to know the times this year were:

  1. Richard Wilkes : 13:22

  2. Guy O : 15:40

  3. DW1 & Julie : 16:00

  4. Rob S : 16:21

  5. Si C : 16:31

  6. Mick J : 19:00 Congratulations to you all!

Many thanks to Pete once again for organising it and thanks to Phil B & Neil L who kindly gave up their weekend to support us all.

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